• Your greatest strength is believing what you have to say is worth anything, whether it is worth anything is purely subjective. “A story’s value is not in its truth but its usefulness” Anton Wilson. But this tricks you into making anything at all,. The act of making I believe does have value and I find the time spent useful. I have suggested to you on numerous occasions to follow a set process but you were too stubborn or stoned to care. This is good and bad. Good because you came up with shit I have not seen any one ever do before. I can honestly say I have never seen a coloring book collage impression oversized in latex stretched with fish hooks, and I think that piece is exceptional, partly because I know the process behind it and have felt the strength of the collages as a whole. Your process informs my respect for that piece. Bad because you probably wasted time and materials and sweat on doing things over or not at all. I can’t tell if the stubbornness prompted exploration or sapped your energy. The smaller mask pieces I think are still looking for something…those ideas feel like they are still pregnate. The craft is there but the ideas haven’t grounded yet. The small wood cut outs seem to be the well spring of your ideas. I think its one of those things that keeps your attention and hands moving long enough to build energy for the other pieces. I think the same can be said of the collages. I personally would like to see you build a library of your own images to pull from. Which brings me to your greatest downfall due mostly to inexperience, and that is confidence. I guess either own the appropriation or make it yourself (experience with my peers tells me collage artist always draw like shit) Because you didn’t have the confidence to sculpt your own figure or face you appropriated one. This actually worked, especially on the blowup doll. I think if you had owned the skill it took to mold that head you wouldn’t have to spend so much time justifying the work through referencing other people’s stuff. I think it also slows you down looking for source? I don’t think you lack the skill, but then I don’t know and maybe you don’t either, I guess that’s the point. Think of the times you trusted those skills and had success. Tattoo freestyle I can see the pride there. Also the time you spend on the Excaliber. ( I respond very strongly to the cut outs) You should test your mettle more, procrastination and diversion or just plain laziness can destroy any hopes of getting better. Push it or settle for less.

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