Painting II-Midterm Portfolio

ImagePrinter PaintingImageImagepersonal workImagePrinter painting 2Imagepersonal workImageSpatiu Spectru” Acrylic on canvasImageJust because intergalactic slavery does not affect you(yet) does not mean it is not a problem” Acrylic on canvas board 8×10Image100 mark painting , oil on canvasImageUgly PaintingImageMusic paintingImageSystem Painting (text)ImageSystem painting (photos)

Painting II statement of intent

For the next six weeks I will be experimenting with 3 different ways of painting. First is following the theme horror fiction of the seventies and its iconic cover art.  Not replicating just thinking about it, in sense of figure, lighting, and color, positioned to my spastic confusion that these pulp horror covers might appear at first sight with no knowledge of narrative. Second, in coinciding with to my Portfolio I work, are the step-based works. First starting as a college then a wood cut then to a rubber print, paper print, maybe a block print, but defiantly to a stencil from a print on paper, to a print and spray-paint/airbrush. The third are monotone (black) impromptu drawings with oil paint and brushes.